Fantasy Football Leagues Celebrate Annual Vegas Getaway

Fantasy Football Leagues Celebrate Annual Vegas Getaway

The draft weekend for many fantasy football lovers has become a huge event in recent years and when you add even a small dose of Vegas to the mix you’re sure to have a great time. Our Las Vegas fantasy football draft packages cover many areas of interest for all members of your league. From where your group should meet to have the live draft, how to celebrate once everyone’s teams are set, and where you’ll be staying during your Vegas getaway!

We know the fantasy football world gets a “bit” competitive, especially if the league is made up of close friends and acquaintances, so we have some suggestions on locations where it’s ok to get a bit rowdy while looking over your draft cheat sheets this year! While there are always the traditional live draft locations such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Miller’s Alehouse, World of Beer or some other pub-style restaurant let’s remember, this is Vegas!

The lineup for 2018 draft party locations on the Vegas Strip includes some exciting new venues along with a few classics. Carlos & Charlie’s at Flamingo Las Vegas is a great choice for a party bar atmosphere with the best value of all the packages priced at only $129 with three hours open bar & food service! They will be hosting one of the three National Draft Day events on Saturday, August 25th, along with Topgolf Las Vegas and Sapphire Pool. Venus Pool at Caesars Palace is a long-time favorite fantasy draft location that provides a luxury dayclub experience with with secluded, VIP cabanas.

For fantasy draft convenience the recommended venues will have WIFI available so you won’t have any excuses as to why your team wasn’t “perfect” this year! You’ll be able to have up-to-the-minute details about every player, their stats, injury statuses, draft ranking, and more right at your fingertips! So bring your laptops, IPADs, and notebooks to ensure you have every tool possible to trump your competition…especially if you’re involved in a money league (and why wouldn’t you be? You will be in Vegas baby!).

Another great choice that is a little different, yet still brilliant, for your Las Vegas fantasy football draft package is the option of booking a suite at one of the major hotels on the Strip! Many league members have gone this route in past years and it’s a great way to celebrate another year of smack talk, trade negotiations, and the upcoming NFL Sunday parties! Hotel suites at Caesars Palace, Wynn, Mirage, Aria, Mandalay Bay, the Palms, along with other locations could be perfect for your group.

Ask about our specials for hotel deals, bottle service and VIP services at several of the surrounding hotspots along the Strip. We know you’ll want to party it up during your fantasy draft weekend in the City of Sin and we will listen to any requests and can put together a customized, all-inclusive package to ensure an unforgettable experience! From nightclubs, hotel suites, strip clubs, bottle and drink services, VIP treatments, and private transportation options everyone in your fantasy league will be high-rolling and enjoying life while getting ready for the upcoming NFL fantasy football season! So what are you waiting for? Call us at Sin City VIP and let’s start planning a most memorable weekend for your fantasy football, Las Vegas style of course!

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