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Draft day with the Schmo

Draft Day with The Schmo

Fantasy football leagues are built upon traditions and just like the leagues we play host to every August in Las Vegas, Draft Party USA has its own traditions. One of them is a date we branded years ago as National Draft Day. This is the Saturday before Labor Day Weekend and always the most popular […]

Five fantasy sleepers

Five Criminally Undervalued Guys

Michael Reese Jr | Twitter: @4thDownFantasy | With the sheer amount of content available at your fingertips, it can be frustrating when the casual fantasy gamer can learn about all your sleepers and targets in your redraft league by reading three articles beforehand. And honestly, as the years have gone by and fantasy football […]

Fantasy Football Leagues Celebrate Annual Vegas Getaway

Fantasy Football Leagues Celebrate Annual Vegas Getaway

The draft weekend for many fantasy football lovers has become a huge event in recent years and when you add even a small dose of Vegas to the mix you’re sure to have a great time. Our Las Vegas fantasy football draft packages cover many areas of interest for all members of your league. From […]

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