Draft day with the Schmo

Draft Day with The Schmo

Fantasy football leagues are built upon traditions and just like the leagues we play host to every August in Las Vegas, Draft Party USA has its own traditions. One of them is a date we branded years ago as National Draft Day. This is the Saturday before Labor Day Weekend and always the most popular […]

Five fantasy sleepers

Five Criminally Undervalued Guys

Michael Reese Jr | Twitter: @4thDownFantasy | EatSleepFantasy.com With the sheer amount of content available at your fingertips, it can be frustrating when the casual fantasy gamer can learn about all your sleepers and targets in your redraft league by reading three articles beforehand. And honestly, as the years have gone by and fantasy football […]

Fantasy Football Leagues Celebrate Annual Vegas Getaway

Fantasy Football Leagues Celebrate Annual Vegas Getaway

The draft weekend for many fantasy football lovers has become a huge event in recent years and when you add even a small dose of Vegas to the mix you’re sure to have a great time. Our Las Vegas fantasy football draft packages cover many areas of interest for all members of your league. From […]

Super Bowl vs March Madness Las Vegas

Super Bowl vs March Madness – Which Is A Better Excuse For A Trip To Las Vegas?

There are plenty of great reasons to visit Las Vegas, but for sports fans, Super Bowl weekend and March Madness are two of the absolute best. The excitement around these events can be felt inside every casino and sports book in Las Vegas. All types of guests can enjoy these Las Vegas sports weekends, from […]

Recap of 2017 Draft Season in Las Vegas

Draft Party USA hosted hundreds of private draft parties on the Vegas Strip in 2017 along with a few big draft party events. Take a look at our video recap with sports media personality, The Schmo, along with some behind the scenes photos from Draft Day at Hard Rock Cafe.

The Evolution of the Fantasy Draft Party

Fantasy football leagues with 25+ years of experience will tell you about the days before the smartphone and even before the Internet. There was a time when the original commissioners manually scored each fantasy week with Monday’s newspaper. Even those pioneers were seeking a better, more interactive experience and the world of fantasy sports today is everything they could have hoped for and so much more.

Las Vegas Draft Parties Heat Up for NFL Draft 2017

The NFL Draft 2017 is heating up, and football fans nationwide are making their picks and staking their claim on their favorite players.  Watching the draft with friends is always fun, but celebrating the draft in Vegas ups the ante and makes things a whole lot more fun. Many of your favorite players host their […]

4 Easy Steps to Hosting a Memorable Fantasy Draft Party at Your Bar

Las Vegas hosts the ultimate draft parties, but, for many people, going to Las Vegas with their closest buddies just isn’t an option.  In order to bring the excitement of a Las Vegas draft party to cities across the country, Draft Party USA, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, where they have perfected the art […]

League Profile: Here We Go

The 2016 Draft Party marks “Here We Go” fantasy football draft league’s 12th anniversary and is the 6th consecutive year hosting the fantasy draft weekend in Las Vegas.  The league consists of 12 participants with numerous ties including two sets of brothers, childhood friends, college roommates and brother-in-laws, which makes for great rivalries. All managers […]

Season Long Fantasy Football Leagues Still King

The tradition and competition of being an owner in a fantasy football league is the driving force behind the history and longevity of fantasy sports.  The legitimate, and sustainable growth and success of fantasy platforms such as Yahoo, ESPN and NFL.com is a product of the fact that fantasy football leagues are still King.  There […]