Super Bowl vs March Madness Las Vegas

Super Bowl vs March Madness – Which Is A Better Excuse For A Trip To Las Vegas?

There are plenty of great reasons to visit Las Vegas, but for sports fans, Super Bowl weekend and March Madness are two of the absolute best. The excitement around these events can be felt inside every casino and sports book in Las Vegas. All types of guests can enjoy these Las Vegas sports weekends, from the most die-hard homer to the casual fan looking for a great party. While Super Bowl and March Madness are similar in that they are destination sporting event weekends, the Las Vegas experience can be much different in some ways, and before planning a trip to Las Vegas for either of these events guests should know what to expect and how to make the most of their trip.

The viewing party is everything when it comes to the Super Bowl. With only one game to watch, and everyone watching at the same time, it’s important to have a guaranteed seat at a viewing party with plenty of HD screens, delicious food and hopefully an open bar. March Madness is a different animal completely, with games being played from morning until night for four days straight. This schedule of games makes for more fluid plans when guests are looking to watch the games throughout the weekend, and while there are ballroom parties that feature all day viewing with open bar and unlimited buffet, many guests enjoy moving around the casinos and watching different games at different casino bars, sports books and restaurants.

The crowd that is drawn from each of these events is not as similar as one might think. In recent years, the Super Bowl has become so much more than just a sports event, it’s one of the biggest social events of the year as well. The Super Bowl crowd is an even mix of men and women with Super Bowl Sunday being an event and performance for everyone. March Madness on the other hand is quite frankly for the boys.  The fast paced action of all the college hoops  is perfect for the serious sports bettors and while serious sports bettors line up to wager big on the Super Bowl as well, so too can the novice bettors gambling on wagers such as prop bets to make the big game party more fun.  It doesn’t hurt that March Madness takes place in the Spring when the pool parties are opening and bachelor party season is in full swing, making it the perfect excuse for a guys trip to Vegas.

The betting is also quite different, not just in recreational gamblers vs seasoned pros but in the way the bets are made and the increased use of mobile gaming apps.  Sports betting is legal in Las Vegas and the major casinos and sports book operators now offer mobile gaming apps that can be used while a customer is in Las Vegas. This is highly advantageous for March Madness when there is nonstop action and you don’t want to be stuck at a sports book. The lines will be long, especially just before tipoffs and during halftime betting. March Madness bettors can setup an mobile account and deposit cash at the sports book window when they first arrive at their hotel. With the mobile app on their devices they have the sports book at their fingertips no matter what viewing location they may be at; even poolside, it’s Vegas!

The betting on Super Bowl in Las Vegas big business with everything coming down to the one big game on Sunday. Big bets and small bets alike will choose a side in the game but one of the more popular betting trends are Super Bowl prop bets. The Las Vegas sports books are known for setting the lines with it comes to propositions on the big game. It’s not uncommon for a sports book to offer a stapled packet with up to 15 pages of various props; everything from the opening coin toss to the color of the Gatorade that will be splashed on the winning Head Coach! There is something for everyone to have fun watching the game and hopefully win some money. While the mobile betting app may be necessary for Super Bowl fans who want halftime or in-game betting, the majority of the bets are placed before gameday as to not get stuck in lines or interfere with the main event of the weekend, the Big Game viewing party!

In planning a trip to Las Vegas for Super Bowl or March Madness it’s important to think about what type of group will be travelling and what type of experience would be best for the group. Both of these sporting events are incredible times of the year to visit Las Vegas but just because they’re both “sports” events doesn’t mean they are the same. To summarize:

Super Bowl

  • Mixed crowd / social event
  • Novice and pro bettors
  • All about the viewing party

March Madness

  • For the guys
  • Serious sports betting
  • Drink, gamble and party all weekend long

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