The Evolution of the Fantasy Draft Party

The NFL is bringing back end zone celebrations this season and that might encourage really bad ideas from even worse dancers at the annual celebration that is the fantasy football draft party. On this day it’s the fantasy owner that is the star as they take center stage to select their rosters for the upcoming 2017 fantasy football season. Is there drinking involved? Almost always and that’s why so many fantasy football leagues from all over America have a long standing tradition of gathering each Fall to prepare for their favorite season of all, football season!

The evolution of the fantasy draft party is much like that of fantasy football itself. Fantasy football leagues with 25+ years of experience will tell you about the days before the smartphone and even before the Internet. There was a time when the original commissioners manually scored each fantasy week with Monday’s newspaper. Even those pioneers were seeking a better, more interactive experience and the world of fantasy sports today is everything they could have hoped for and so much more.

While there is always a place for a well-timed, home draft party, it has become quite the preference to raise the bar year after year with draft parties at locations including sports bars, hotel suites, pool parties, nightclubs and private estates. As the trend has continued fantasy leagues began to look outside of their home town at destination draft locations such as Las Vegas and New Orleans. The events become more coordinated and with higher production value, creating a new drafting experience where friends can come together and create their own draft war room.

We mentioned Las Vegas for good reason, it is home to many of the best fantasy draft locations in America. Just like the leagues themselves, the draft party locations are raising the bar every year to offer new options for the Las Vegas fantasy draft party. This year marks the first of a series of ticketed, group draft events and Draft Day at Hard Rock Cafe just so happens to take place on the same date, and across the Strip from where the Floyd Mayweather fight will take place on August 26th. This is going to be one of the grandest sports weekends in Las Vegas history and a prime time to plan a destination draft party!

As the fantasy draft party continues to evolve so to do the providers and event planners already moving towards digital, interactive experiences to compliment the live draft; even virtual draft experiences lie ahead making it a great time to be a fantasy footballer in America!

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