League Profile: Here We Go

The 2016 Draft Party marks “Here We Go” fantasy football draft league’s 12th anniversary and is the 6th consecutive year hosting the fantasy draft weekend in Las Vegas.  The league consists of 12 participants with numerous ties including two sets of brothers, childhood friends, college roommates and brother-in-laws, which makes for great rivalries. All managers are all in their early 30’s and assemble from all over the US, Minneapolis to San Francisco, to have their in-person, live draft every year.

This year’s draft party will take place over Labor Day Weekend on the Vegas Strip, making for an exciting time of festivities and draft party celebrations.  The members of the league will arrive in Las Vegas on Friday where they will be staying at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Draft Party begins Saturday morning when the league selects their draft order in a unique way.  This year, they plan to gather at the race & sports book where a 12-horse race will determine the draft order.  Each manager will draw the number of a horse, then cheer them on as the race comes down the home stretch.

Once the draft order is set, a party bus, with a fully stocked bar, picks up the group for a pre-game Strip cruise and stop at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign for a souvenir league photo.

Upon arriving at their Draft Party destination (Venus Pool at Caesars Palace)  the group will be greeted by their two Draft Party Hostesses (professional promotional models dressed in sexy football themed outfits) and escorted to a private reserved cabana with their Draft Board, gift bags and food & beverage selections.

Once the guys are settled in with their laptops and research materials they will be surprised and entertained when the event officially begins with the singing of the National Anthem by a special guest.  The next surprise comes at the halfway point of the draft when the Sin City VIP cheerleaders arrive to perform the halftime show!

Throughout the draft party the guys have their own fun and games.  They enforce a set of “draft rules” where if a certain player is selected a penalty is incurred, which usually involves taking a shot or drink.  For example, if you draft Ryan Matthews (who always gets injured) you have to put on a pair of high-heels and walk to the bar to order a Cosmopolitan.  Or, if you are the first person to take a kicker, you have to take a shot of tequila.  And if you draft a player with the letters “ICE” in their name you have to take a knee and chug a Smirnoff Ice.  There are at least a dozen rules and with the hostesses involved it makes it even more fun.

After retreating to their hotel rooms after the draft party the guys indulge in some VIP nightlife including bottle service at a Vegas hot spot.

As a special bonus for the group, Sin City VIP offers a trip for 2 to Vegas for the 2 finalists during the Championship Weekend of the fantasy season (NFL Week 15 or 16 in late December) so the guys can watch all the action in a Las Vegas sportsbook to see who takes the title, and more importantly the trophy.