4 Easy Steps to Hosting a Memorable Fantasy Draft Party at Your Bar

Las Vegas hosts the ultimate draft parties, but, for many people, going to Las Vegas with their closest buddies just isn’t an option.  In order to bring the excitement of a Las Vegas draft party to cities across the country, Draft Party USA, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, where they have perfected the art of a memorable draft party, has partnered with bar owners to provide their customers with a similar experience, while also making the experience seamless and hassle-free.

Fantasy draft parties can be a huge headache for bar owners and managers to plan. From booking tables at the event to advertising, it can get overwhelming. Draft Party USA is ready to come to the rescue and help bars plan and execute unforgettable and entertaining draft parties that will keep customers coming back for more.

Draft Party USA has devised a formula that helps bars drive their draft parties to success:

  1. Draft Party USA brings its expertise gained from over five years of experience planning and hosting fantasy draft parties. They know what customers and bar owners like and have found new ways to maximize profits and customer satisfaction.
  2. Draft Party USA supplies everything needed for a successful draft party, from supplies for the actual party to marketing materials beforehand.  Draft Party USA supplies premium draft boards, commissioner’s kits, decor, and party favors. They also provide custom-designed advertisements including: posters, table tents, flyers, web graphics, and social media ads.
  3. Technology is huge in everyone’s lives today, and Draft Party USA can give participating bars an edge not only through social media, but also through a reservation webpage that makes it simple for customers to schedule and pay for their events.
  4. Draft Party USA’s network of partners and providers is large. With connections in all 50 states and in both small towns and major cities, they have all the resources to help bars plan an execute memorable draft parties that will keep customers coming back throughout sports season.

Says Frank Corto, president of Draft Party USA, “We take the pressure off of the bar owners and give them the tools they need to build a memorable and fun draft party. Customers see that your bar is friendly to fantasy sports and will keep coming back all season long.” By figuring out logistics and providing support and expertise, Draft Party USA can make hosting a fantasy draft party simple and profitable for all involved.

Draft Party USA

Draft Party USA is partnering with some the best bars, clubs and sports restaurants in America to bring the Draft Party USA Experience to a city near you!  Our live draft parties are all-inclusive and easy to plan.  Our Fantasy Draft Shop offers premium draft boards and everything you need to have your own draft party and make your league better!  We know what’s important, your fantasy draft! Contact us today.